About St.Camillus

The Indian Province of the Congregation of Daughters of St. Camillus was canonically erected on 03rd September 2008.

It is an international Congregation having it’s Generalate in Gorttaferrata, Rome – Italy. Following the same Charism & Spirituality of St.Camillus, it has a particular


Sr. Anila Komputhukil
Provincial Superior

Provincialate Bangalore
Sr.Alice Thadathil
1st Councillor

Provincialate Bangalore
Sr. Catherine Kuruthukulangara
2nd Councillor
Provincialate Bangalore
Sr.Cicily Pulayanparambil
3nd Councillor

Provincialate Bangalore
Sr.Claret Anchil
4nd Councillor

Provincialate Bangalore
Sr.Alphonsa Kachara Provincial Secretary
Provincialate Bangalore
Sr.Jancy Poonely Provincial Procurator
Provincialate Bangalore

Our Vision

Our vision for tomorrow is always built on the ideals of our founding mission which aims to provide every client with opportunities to combine personal and community resources in order to affect physical, Mental and spiritual well-being…..

Our Mission

To be a positive force in addressing the ample needs of the HIV/AIDS persons and to alleviate the stigma and discrimination present in the society, and to give a overall quality of life by caring and supporting them……


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News & Events

On 19th September 2016, Most Rev.Sup.Provincial Sr.Anila Komputhukil began her Canonical visitation in Neelangarai and concluded on 21st september 2016.

100_1656100_1652100_1637100_1633Celebration of Indipendence day

In the beginning: The book of Genesis 1:11 says.
Then God commanded,”Let the earth produce all kinds of plants, those that bear grain and those that bear fruit”- and it was done.So the earth produced all kinds of plants and God was pleased with what he Saw.
yes, the creation is the beauty and masterpiece of God. When we look at the nature with its different flowers, friuts, trees, and plants it helps us to think of God the Creator.
We, the Sisters of ssumption Villa had a beautiful occasion to visit Lalbag on 14/08/2016, to see the flower show.It was a very fortunate moment to look the beautiful arrangement of flowers,the different colours, structure, perfume of those flowers, above all the magnificent arrangement of these flowers as palaces, wind mill,peacock etc.
Even in Gospel of Mathew 6:28 Jesus says. Look how the wild flower grow they do not work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers.
Yes, this occasion gave us the opportunity to glorify God for His greatness and power.


On 09th August 2016,Most Rev.Sup.Provincial Anila Komputhukil, began her canonical visitation in Magalore and concluded on 11th August 2016.
Canonical visit in Mangalore

On 27nth and 28th July 2016,the CHAI was held a meeting in Our rovincial House in Bangalore, related what are the main challenges faced in the hospitals ,health care center etc. The meeting was partecipated by all the Superiors of our Province and also the sisters of JMJ were present. Conference was conducted By Rev.Fr.Mathew.

On 26 july 2016, We celebrated the feast of Our Provincial Superior

On 14 July 2016, we Daughters of St.Camillus celebrated the Silver Jubilee of our presence in Chennai- Perungalathur

“Music is an art.
Music is an Universal language.
Music knows no rich and poor.
It is made accessible to all.”
As St.Augustine says,”Singing is praying twice”.
we appreciate the initiatives and efforts of our superior provincial Sr.Anila Komputhukil, who arranged for us the music cuorse for her daughters. This cuorse was for a duration of 12 days from 04/04/2016 till 15/04/2016 under the guidance of Sr. Mary Gracelet,( sister of Pius disciple)which gave an immense experience to know and to learn the music to add colour and joy to the liturgy.




Logo for the jubilee year of the foundationof the Institute of the Daughters of St.Camillus.Description:

The logo (Symbol) was inspired by the Gospel phrase “I was sick and you visited me” (Mt 25, 36) on the basis of the Camillian charism. The phrase forms a broad and palpitating heart to indicate “the heart of a Mother” that every Daughter of St. Camillus must possess.

4 persons: Indicates the 4 continents where we the Daughters of St. Camillus are scattered are given an invitation to come together to thank the Lord for the 125 years of foundation. With our hands up to praise the Lord and exult with joy, at the same time we are ready to come out of ourselves in order to reach to the ends of the earth and bring everyone the merciful face of God.

The World, the central figure and the Red Cross: it is important to note that the globe is not highlighting the geographical map, but it means that the world belongs to everyone. Today we are living in a historic moment where we face the great problem of migration. Migrants are moving from nation to nation looking for a safe refuge. Let us allow ourselves to be challenged by the needs of the sick brethren and reach out to their needs by providing comfort in every angle of the earth, as Jesus taught us.

Daughters of St. Camillus, being “a living part of the Church “is inviting us to live this Jubilee Year of Mercy with active faith, we are called in the first row to be merciful as the Father, by the charism that has been given to us.

The Red Cross indicates our Camillian identity, a recall to deepen in this time of grace, with the daughter’s heart, the life and the work of St. Camillus and our Blessed Founders to walk in their footsteps for the praise and glory of God and for the salvation of souls


We are glad to tell you that our children of kuzhinilam Luizgiri Special school have won the 2nd prize in voalley ball and for Special Olympics they got 8 1st prizes , 12 second prizes and 4 third prizesphotophoto 2photo 4

on 25th October 2015, most rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti concluded her canonical visit in Swanthana -Carmelaram
On 30th October 2015, most.rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti concluded her canonical visitation in Pratikhya- Balasore- Orissa

On 02nd November 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti concluded her Canonical Visitation in Perungalathur -chennai



On 2nd November 2015, Most Rev. Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her Canonical visitation in Neelagarai -Chennai

on 6th November Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her canonical Visitation in kottayam and concluded on10th November2015

On 11th November 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti, began her canonical visitation in Chungakunnu and concluded on 15/11/2015


On 15 November 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti, began her canonical visitation in Kuzhinilam and conclude on 18th November 2015.

On 18th November 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her canonical Visitation in Thariode and concudede the same day.

On 19th November2015, Most Rev. Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her canonical visitation in Assumption villa Bangalore (Provincialate).

On 23rd November 2015,Most Rev. Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her canonical visitation in Jeevadaan – Mangalore and concuded on25th November 2015.
Mother General Visit2015 745

On 26th November 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti , began her canonical visitation in Tadepalligudem School Community and concluded on 30th november 2015.SAM_2471

On 1st December 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her Canonical visitation in Tadepalligudem Hospital Community and Asha Nagar and concluded on 4th December 2015.


On 5th December 2015, Most Rev.Mother Zelia Andrighetti began her Canonical visitation in Janampet and concluded on 7th December 2015.(Eluru).



The Indian Province
20 March 2015
Provincialate Bangalore
Anual Meeting
20 March 2015
Provincialate Bangalore